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Apollo Rims

Apollo (Standard) and Apollo-SL (Soft Lip) Seamless Rim

Available Sizes



16x3.5, 16x5.0 16x3.0, 16x3.5, 16x5.5
17x3.5, 17x5.5, 17x6.25, 17x12 17x3.5, 17x4.5, 17x6.25, 17x12
18x3.5, 18x4.25, 18x5.5, 18x8.5, 18x10.5 18x3.5, 18x4.25, 18x5.5, 18x8.5, 18x10.5, 18x13
19x2.15, 19x3.0 19x2.15, 19x3.0
- 20x7.0, 20x10
21x2.15, 21x3.5 21x2.15, 21x3.25

HD Wheels presents a brand new product line, the very first aftermarket custom rim for spokes wheels featuring seamless construction technology, a successful attempt to produce the absolute best aluminum wheels for top end, high-performance motorcycles, a ground breaking solution for enhanced safety and riding pleasure. Every light weight seamless Apollo (Standard) and Apollo-SL (Soft Lip) Rim meets an extremely high level of excellence in both design and quality. Rim can be drilled for both Harley, Choppers and  custom wheel assemblies. Each rim can be powder coated, Chrome or Black Nickel plated, Anodized or hand polish to a mirror like shine. New concepts, assisted by design, research and state of the art manufacturing, helped to make these rim one of the lightest from existing aluminum rim, meantime improving strength and rigidity. A bike installed with lighter wheels is easier and safer to handle, offering sizable improvements in road holding and cornering, whilst enabling more precise trajectories and faster angle changes. The most important features of a motorcycle wheel are rigidity and weight. Rigidity is a paramount attribute, because wheels are continuously subject to torsional and lateral forces. A higher rigidity wheel affects positively the motorbike's balance by improving road holding and safety. Weight is an equally important attribute, because the wheel is a continuously accelerating or decelerating moving mass. Reduced weight means less inertial and gyroscopic forces, so that less power will be needed to move and steer the bike, which in turn makes the motorcycle safer and easier to ride, both on roads and on tracks

Required information for custom drill rims


Rim can be drilled to Customer specified number of spokes and type of lacing (Cross, S-Cross, Radial or customer specified)



In addition specify motorcycle model and year of manufacturing. For custom application indicate dimensions “SW” and “RW”.

Dimension "RH" are optional


 We can Powder coat, Chrome plate, Anodize or Polish each rim