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Design Lacing Styles

S-Cross lacing 40 spokes S-Cross lacing

Blade-48 (40 Spokes)

S-Cross (40 Spokes)  

S-Cross (60 Spokes)

S-Cross Radial lacing S-Cross lacing 80 Spokes 
Cross-Radial (60 Spokes)  S-Cross-Radial (60 Spokes)  S-Cross (80 Spokes)  


Fan-6 Radial (120 Spokes)

B-Cross-Radial (90 Spokes)

Cross-Radial (120 Spokes)

  Radial lacing  
  Radial (100 and 120 Spokes)  

Warning: Radial and Fan-6 laced wheels are designed for show bikes. This type of lacing is not as strong as the cross laced one. Riding on such wheels has to be more delicate avoiding rapid accelerations and stopping (High Torque moments).


Valve Stem Caps Pattern

Got S-Cross lacing. Now you can go even further - use Valve Stem Cover Pattern to create a new look. One cap will hide an actual inner tube stem, and other 4 (or other quantity, you can choose) will be screwed on "dummy" stems with the same thread as valve stem has.  As per your request, we can use a variety of caps (stars, skulls, bullets, etc). Of course, we can get you almost any finish on them you want. Make your wheels Unique!

5 red bullet valve stem cover pattern

5 red bullet valve stem cover pattern 

Check these 5 (4+1) bullet head red caps on a 17x6.25 wheel with Red Star design lacing.


3-Bar Spinner
For those who would like to add an antique sporty look to the bike.
Our company has launched a new product. A 3-Bar Spinner made out of high quality billet aluminum, and is available for front and rear wheel in a variety of finishing options as polished, chrome plated, gold plated, powder coated, etc.
Feel free to contact us for any additional information or questions.

3-Bar spinner chrome and gold  3 bar spinner on a Todd's bike 
3-Bar Spinner black 3-Bar Spinner black and chrome 3-Bar Spinner black and gold 3-Bar Spinner gold
3-Bar Spinner chrome 3-Bar Spinner chrome and black 3-Bar Spinner gold and chrome 3-Bar Spinner gold and black

Art of Powder Coating

Our manufacturing process allows us to finish a wheel with most complex flames and tribal artwork while retaining the durability of powder coating. Artwork can be customized to suit the customer's personal taste and needs. We will also work from the customer's sketches or photos.

Please find more then 12,000 ClipArt's in:



Pinstripe can really dress up a wheel!


Standard and Dip Offset Wire Wheel Configurations

Dip Offset Available for wheels from 7" to 13" Wide


Standard  Deep Offset