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Pulleys and Rotors
HDW Brake rotors Perimeter brake 360 Brake systems Brake lines
Pulley 65, 66 and 70 tooth Sprockets 48 and 51 tooth

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One-Piece 11.5" and 11.8"Rotors

Highly polished 11.5" and 11.8" brake rotors combine performance of 420 Stainless Steel

with a brilliant finish for a complete custom look.  




Two-Piece and Floating 11.5" and 11.8"Rotors

Outer manufactured from 420 Stainless Steel
Chrome plated billet aluminum carriers can be powder coated to match wheel color
Floating rotors provide better braking, improved brake alignment, no rotor distortion, reduced chance of rotor cracking and stylish looks
Cross 2-piece rotor  Floating rotor Cross hollow rivets  

Cross-2P (2-piece)

Radial-2P (2-piece) Cross-FHR (Floating) Cross-LF (Lug Floating)
Cross 2-piece rotor black center carrier 

Floating rotor black center Lug rotor black carrier 
Carrier of 2-piece or Floating rotors can be powder coated  


Composite 11.5" and 11.8" Lug-drive Rotors

The outer blades of these rotors are manufactured from ceramic/aluminum composite
Floating rotor blade are offered in silver or black finish
Blade finish will not be affected (scratched) by running specially formulated brake pads.
Billet aluminum carriers are available in anodized black or chrome plated finish
As well, we can finish them in different manner per your request or have it in raw aluminum
These rotors have  a lifetime warranty if used with specially formulated brake pads
composite rotor black-Black Composit rotor Silver-Black Composit rotor Black-Silver Composit rotor Silver-Chrome


Composit rotor Composit rotor Composit rotor


Composite floating rotors for Touring, V-Rod and Dyna

Ceramic/aluminum composite with black finish
Blade finish will not be affected (scratched) by running specially formulated brake pads.
These rotors have  a lifetime warranty if used with specially formulated brake pads
Black rotor composite V-rod Dyna front

11.8 Black rotors for V-Rod and Dyna

V-Rod - VDF (front, 1-piece), VR (rear, Lug-Drive)
Dyna - VDF (front, 1-piece) 
Finally a black rotor which will not fade or wear out. Moreover, lucky owners will enjoy superior braking experience, and with proper brake pads these rotors will never have to be replaced.

VDRC rotor carrier fo fit VDF rotor on front spoke or billet wheel also avilable

Black rotor composite V-rod rear

VDF Black

VR Black
2014 Street Glide black rotors 

T14 Black rotor for 2014 and up Touring.

Direct replacement of stock front brake rotor for 2014 Touring. Available in 11.8" (stock) and 11.5" (custom). For custom application we also offer a special adapter which allows use T14 style rotors on standard 5 hole hubs

 Composit rotot 2014 Harley Touring
2014 Touring rotor on spoke wheel T14 2014 Touring composite black rotor with carrier  T14 black composite rotor on spoke wheel
With Stock rotor With Composite rotor
2014 touring front rotor carrier

TRC-14 rotor carrier.

This new star shaped TRC-14 carrier allows installation of virtually any custom front wheel on 2014 and up Harley Touring models with original rotors. For performance seekers, we offer T14 black colored blade replacement for original front rotors made from ceramic composite material.

TRC-14 style carrier also can be used to install 2014 front Touring or T14 composite (11.5"and 11.8") rotor on Harley or custom motorcycle. Available for front and rear.

Carrier can be finished in Chrome, Polished, Anodized Black or a powder coating of your choice. Can be purchased with a set of 5 chrome screws (5/16-18, 7/8"), bushings and spring washers

2014 Touring rotor carrier chrome 


Perimeter Brake System

Clean and affordable brake setup.  Custom made to fit our wheels.

System includes:   Rotor, JB Caliper, Welded Stand-offs, Bracket and Screws


Custom Spoke Wheels specifically for 360 Brake System

Available now in all variety of finishing options and lacing styles for custom and Harley wide glide applications. 

5 and 6 360 brake system 

360 Brake setup for spoke wheels

 HDW proudly announces the production of a Custom spoke wheel with a 5" and 6" 360 Brake system setup. With us you can get a spoke wheel with a 360 Brake and the finishing options for the brake are the same as for the wheel (powder coating, chrome plating, etc). The beauty of a Braking system finish which matches to a wheel finish is an excellence no one can match!

Call us for more information or visit www.360brake.com

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Hawg Halters Inboard Brake System
Hawg Halters Left Drive Side In-Board Rear Brake System - Harley

Designed to position the brake caliper and rotor behind the drive pulley or sprocket providing an uncluttered view of your wheels. Applications include 18 x 8.5 and wider spoke wheels.

Caliper and bracket can be powder coated to match wheel's color.

HHI Inboard system black
Pulley-Brake System
Pulley-brake denim black

A Pulley/Brake designed to utilize pulley as a brake rotor providing a clear view of the other side of your wheel. "Cross" and "Radial" pulley style is available to compliment spoke lacing patterns. Pulley can be machined to your specific design.

Available sizes: for 1 1/8 and 1 1/2 belt, 65 and 70 teeth. Pulley, caliper and bracket can be chrome plated or powder coated to match wheel's color.

pulley-brake and 18x8.5 Apollo-Sl Denim Black 
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Belt Pulleys for 2007 and Up

Available 2007 and Up application
Work with Custom and stock Harley (except 2009 and up Touring) wheels
Billet construction * 6061T6 Aluminum Alloy * Powder Coated (any color) or Chrome Plated
66 Tooth * 1" or 20mm (0.75") belt
68 Tooth 1" belt (2009 and up Touring, 2007 and up Sportster)


Belt Pulleys for Up to 2006

Available for 1984-1999 and 2000-2006 application. Work with Custom and stock Harley wheels
 Billet construction * 6061T6 Aluminum Alloy * Chrome Plated
Can be powder coated to match wheel color
65 or 70 Tooth, 1 1/8 or 1 1/2" belt
68 Tooth, 1 1/8 belt (2004-2006 Sportster)




40 Spoke Pulley

40 spoke pulley black

Work with Custom and stock Harley wheels.


A Real Spoke Pulley made according to our high standards. We have reviewed the existing similar products on the market and have eliminated weak points as drilled sprocket, increased the cross of the spokes from 1 to 5! (standard Harley is cross 4), and use same spokes as on our wheels.

Available in sizes of  70 Tooth (1 1/8" Belt)

and 66 tooth (3/4" and 1" belt)

40 spoke pulley red


All parts of the pulley as * Belt guard rings * Belt guard screws * Sprocket carrier * Nipples * Spokes * Hub can have an individual finish. To icrease wear resistance Sprocket can be hard anodized (Clear or Black). Other colors available too.



Available for 1984-1999 and 2000-2008 application.

Work with Custom and stock Harley wheels.

48 or 51 Tooth

Polished Stainless Steel




Black Chrome Plated Sprockets
Sprocket can have a Black Chrome finish.
Black Chrome Plated Sprocket Black Chrome Plated Sprocket

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Black Custom Brake Lines and Fittings

More black for your bike. Not only black hose, but black fittings too. You can make route and trim your own brake line.

Microbraid Line small bore (-2 size) brake line increases performance of braking system and offers unmatched flexibility which makes it perfect to route through frames, fork legs, and handlebars. Durable black PVC-coated -2 stainless steel brake line eliminates moisture absorption, preventing frequent flushing of brake systems. Temperature rating exceeds 300F; pressure rated at over 10,000 psi

Custom black brake line

Price, $
Part # Description Price   Part # Description Price
1795 12' of brake line 69.00   0166 7/16" -24 straight male adapter 18.00
1796 25' of brake line 142.00   0167 3/8" straight banjo 19.00
0176 Hose Union 17.00   0169 3/8" 20 banjo 19.00
0177 Replacement hose collar (6-pk) 8.00   0171 3/8" 90 banjo 22.00
0161 3/8" -24 banjo bolt 6.00   0168 7/16" straight banjo 20.00
0162 7/16" -24 banjo bolt 6.00   0170 7/16" 20 banjo 20.00
0163 10mm x 1.00" banjo bolt (short) 6.00   0172 7/16" 90 banjo 24.00
0164 10mm x 1.25" banjo bolt 6.00   0173 3/8" -24 straight female adapter 17.00
0165 3/8" -24 straight male adapter 18.00   0174 1/4" NPT straight male adapter 17.00
        0175 1/8" NPT 90 male adapter 17.00


Micro Braid Assembly Instructions


1. Cut Micro Braid hose to correct length using cable cutters or a similar tool that will make a clean, straight cut. 

2. Slightly flare the inner PTFE lining of the Micro Braid hose using a mandrel or similar tool to insure the lining is circular and will accept the tapered tail of the Micro Braid fitting.

3. BEFORE SLIDING THE COLLAR ONTO THE MICRO BRAID HOSE, insert the tapered end of the Micro Braid fitting into the Micro Braid hose and rotate 3-4 turns into the hose to form a thread.

4. Rotate the Micro Braid fitting anti-clockwise 3-4 turns and remove. 

5. Strip back 11mm of the outer PVC coating of the Micro Braid hose.

6. Slide the Micro Braid collar over the exposed Micro Braid hose, insuring the exposed Micro Braid hose is fully seated into the Micro Braid collar.  

7. Fit the Micro Braid fitting into the installed Micro Braid collar, tightening each Micro Braid fitting until proper clocking has been accomplished.  DO NOT LOOSEN Micro Braid fittings once the larger secondary thread is engaged with the Micro Braid collar.  The distance from the shoulder of the Micro Braid collar to the base of the Micro Braid fitting should be 1-2mm. 

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