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Spoke Wheel Cleaning Tips


Cleaning of a spoke wheel


Wire wheels have many crevices where brake dust and road debris can accumulate, making them difficult to clean. Car washers and simple hosing off typically won't remove the harmful debris. Spending some time in the afternoon cleaning the bike wire wheels will not only make the bike look nice, but also helps eliminate potential wear and tear.


Here is a couple of recommendation how to clean the spoke wheel:

Step 1. Ensure that the wheel and the rotor are cool before applying cold water. Hose away most of the loose material from the wheels. This will remove most of the obvious debris and contaminants. Use the jet or power setting on the hose to blast off any stubborn road materials such as rubber, metal filings and brake dust. Pressure washer can be used.


Step 2. The next step is preparing a solution of car mild washing soap and water in a bucket. Apply the solution on the wheel and let it stand for some time to soften up the dirt and thus making it much easier to clean (use a small brush soaked in the solution to get deeper into the wire wheel's spokes if needed working from the outside of the wheel inwards).


Step 3. Afterwards use a pressure washer or a simple water hose with a jet spray nozzle to wash off the soap with debris. Do not allow the cleaner to dry on the surface.


Step 4. Use microfiber cloth to wipe of water. Although, we recommend using a Blaster Dryer which will do it much more effectively with no harm to the wheel whatsoever (microfiber can get some hard dirt or particles that may leave traces on the wheel). Good drying will prevent water spots.


Step 5. Once your wheel is clean and dry apply a quality polymer sealant or wax, it will protect the finish from brake dust and also make them easier to keep clean.



Do Not  Use Any Acid Based Cleaners unless you have a chrome surface.



Blaster Blower
Fastest and easiest way to dry spoke wheels and complete bike.

Blower Model

Air Flow,

Motor Power,


Heated Air
with Air filter

Sidekick Blaster



1X1, 1 stage, Single fan


B-3 Blaster



1X2, 1 stage, Dual fan


Master Blaster



2X2, 2 stage, Dual fan


SideKick Blaster

Master Blaster Blower

Sidekick Blaster
Good as a carry on

B-3 Blaster
Good for cleaning in garage

Master Blaster
Good for deep professional cleaning

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