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Gallery  -  40 and 60 Spoke Wheels  -
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15x3.5, Vivid Black, Candy Copper

15x3.5, Apollo, Vivid Black

15x4.25, Semi Gloss Red, 170/80-15 WWW Tire

15x4.5 and 15x7.0, Vivid Black, Candy Copper, 200 and 230 Custom WWW tires

15x6, Vivid Black, Brushed/Clear

15x7, Candy Blue

15x7 (aluminum) and 21x3.5 (steel), S-Cross, Black and Copper, Faded Star

15x7, Mirror Black/Candy Copper

15x7, Candy Black

16x3, Apollo-Sl, S-Cross-Radial, Black and Chrome, New Diamond Spokes

16x3, Apollo-Sl, S-Cross-Radial, New Diamond, Vivid Black, 5 chrome bullet caps

16x3.0 and 16x3.5, Apollo-Sl, Vivid Black.

16x3 and 16x3.5, Apollo-SL, Purple Haze, Brushed/Clear

16x3.5, Black Chrome Powder Coating

16x3.5, Apollo-SL, Chrome, 360 Brake

16x3.5, Apollo-Sl, Black Chrome

16x3.5, Apollo-Sl, Black Chrome/Black Nickel Plating, New Diamond Spokes.

16x3.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross-Radial, Twisted Spokes, Vivid Black

16x3.5, Apollo, Chrome and Gold , New Diamond Spokes

16x3.5, Vivid Black, Red Pinstripe

16x3.5 and 15x7.0, Vivid Black / Candy Green Avon Tires

16x3.5, Apollo-SL, Vivid Black / Anniversary Cooper, Star-5 Style

16x3.5, White Spoke, Yellow Hub, Chrome Rim

16x3.5, Chrome Plated

16x3.5 and 16x5.5, Apollo-SL, Vivid Black, Red Baron, Black chrome nipples, Red pinstripe

16x3.5, Apollo-SL, Matt Candy Red

16x3.5 and 16x5.5, Apollo-SL, Cross-Radial, Black and Candy Red, 5 black bullet cap

16x3.5 and 16x6, Mirror Black

16x3.5 and 17x6.25, Apollo-SL, Candy Denim (Matt) Red.

16x3 and 16x8.0, Chrome Yellow, Denim Black

16x5.0, Apollo, Matte Black, Candy Black Spoke

16x5.5, 52 Super Fat spokes, Vivid Black, Cush for Touring

16x5.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross-Radial, Twisted, Denim Black, Red pinstripe, 200 WWW tire

16x6.0, Apollo, Matt Black

16x6, Honda VT750,Vivid Black

16x6.0, Steel rim, Denim Black, Red Baron with Matt Clear coat, 200 tire

17x3.5 and 17x6.25, Apollo-SL, Vivid Black

17x3.5 and 16x5.5, Apollo-SL, Scarlet Red / Vivid Black, Cross-Radial

17x3.5, Apollo-SL, Semi Gloss Black

17x3.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, New Diamond spokes, Star-5, Chrome and Vivid Black

17x3.5 and 17x6.25, Apollo-Sl, Matt and Vivid Black

17x3.5, Apollo-SL, Vivid Black, Cooper Nipples, S-Cross Lacing

17x3.5, Apollo-SL, Red Baron, Black nipples

17x3.5, Apollo, Polished

17x3.5 and 16x3.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross-Radial, Narrow Glide, Vivid Black

17x4.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Denim Black, Candy Copper Twisted Star

17x5.5, Apollo, Radial, 3/8" Super Fat spokes, Chrome

17x5.5, Apollo, Red Baron

17x6.25, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Denim Black, Red Baron, 5 Red bullet cap

17x6.25, Apollo, S-Cross, Star-5

17x6.25, Apollo, Mirror Black

17x6.25, Semi Gloss Black

17x6.25, Apollo, Mirror Black/Candy Gold

17x6.25, Apollo-SL, Vivid Black, Cooper Nipples, S-Cross Lacing, 200 Dunlop Tire, Cross 66 Teeth Pulley

17x6.25, Apollo, Polished

17x3.5 and 17x6.25, Apollo-SL, Denim and Vivid Black, Red pinstripe

17x3.5 and 17x6.25, Apollo-SL, Vivid Black, Cooper Nipples

17x4.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Star-5, Denim Black with Twisted Candy copper star

17x12.0, Apollo, Fade Fat Twisted Spoke, Candy Red/Mirror Black

17x12, Apollo-Sl, Deep Offset, Chrome Plated

18x5.5, Apollo-SL, Chrome, 2009 Touring's Cush Drive

18x3.5, Apollo-SL, Chrome, Vivid Black

18x3.5 and 18x8.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Candy Copper, Yellow Star

18x3.5 and 18x8.5, Apollo, Yamaha Road Star, Metalic Candy Red

18x3.5 and 16x3.5, Apollo-SL, Crimson Red Sunglo

18x3.5, Candy Green

18x3.5 and 18x4.25, Apollo-SL, Crimson Red Sunglo, Vivid Black Spokes

18x3.5, 52 3/8" Super Fat Spokes, Radial, Chrome, Gold Nipples

18x3.5, Apollo-SL, Candy Orange / Vivid black, Twisted, S-Cross-Radial

18x4.25, Apollo-SL, Semi Gloss Black

18x3.5, Apollo, Mirror Black, Star-5, S-Cross Lacing

18x3.5, Chrome Plated

18x3.5, Apollo, S-Cross-Radial, Brushed, Fade spokes

18x3.5, Apollo-SL, Fat Spokes, Denim Black

18x3.5 and 16x6.0, Vivid Black, Gold nipples

18x3.5, Apollo-SL, Vivid Black, Blue Pinstripe

18x3.5 and 18x4.25, Apollo-Sl, S-Cross, Chrome Plated, ME880 Tires

18x3.5 and 18x4.25, Apollo-SL, Nickel Pearl and Gold Ghost

18x3.5 and 18x5.5, Apollo-SL, Denim Black, Twisted spokes, 140 and 200 tires

18x3.5 and 18x5.5, Radial, 3/8" Super Fat spokes, Vivid Black, Candy Copper nipples

18x3.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Anniversary Cooper/Vivid Black

18x3.5 and 18x8.5, Apollo-SL, Black and antique Candy Gold, Two tone rim

18x3.5 and 18x4.25, Steel rim, Vivid Black/Brushed, Sportster 48

18x4.25 and 18x8.5 Deep Offset, Apollo-Sl, Ivory and Vivid Black.

16x3.5, Chrome, Black hub and nipples

18x4.25, Apollo-SL, Fat Twisted Star-5, Chrome

18x4.25, Apollo-SL, Chrome, New Diamond Spokes

18x5.0, Apollo, Cross-Radial, Mirror Black

18x5.0, Apollo, S-Cross-Radial, Star-5, Black Pearl

18x5.0, Apollo, S-Cross-Radial, Black-to-Copper Fade

18x5.0, Apollo, Mirror Black, Star-5, S-Cross Lacing

18x5.5, Apollo, Fade Fat Twisted Spoke, Candy Red/Mirror Black

18x5.5, Apollo-Sl, Vivid Black, 2007 Honda Shadow Spirit 750

18x5.5, Chrome Plated, Black Fat Spokes

18x5.5, Apollo, White/Black, Star-5, S-Cross Lacing

18x5.5, Mirror Black

18x5.5, Vivid Black Rim, Candy Red Hub, Fat Spoke

18x5.5, Mirror Black

18x5.5, Apollo, Chrome Plating

18x5.5, Excel, Polished

18x5.5, Apollo-SL, Vivid Black Rim, Chrome Hub, 200 AM23 Avon Tire.

18x6.0, Apollo-SL, Medium Red with tire

18x7, Mirror Black

18x8.5, Black Chrome

18x8.5, Mirror Black

18x8.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Deep Offset, Denim black, Pulley/Brake, 3-Bar Spinner, Red pinstripe

18x8.5, Apollo-Sl, S-Cross, Red star with 5 bullet caps, Chrome

18x8.5, Apollo, Polished

18x8.5, Apollo-SL, Fat spokes, Glacier White, 240 tire

18x8.5, Apollo-SL, Denim Black, S-Cross, Deep Offset, Gold 3-Bar spinner

18x8.5, Candy Green

18x9, Deep Offset, Vivid Black, 3 Bar Spinner

18x10.5, Apollo, Matte Black

18x10.5, Apollo, Fat Spoke, Candy Copper

18x10.5, Apollo, Polished

18x10, Aluminum, S-Cross, Red and Black, Trike's Setup

18x10.5, Deep Offset, Vivid Black

18x11, Aluminum rim, 56 spokes, Vivid Black, Yamaha hub, 300/40-18 tire

19x2.15, Excel, Polished

19x2.15, Apollo-SL, Black, Star-5

19x2.15 and 16x3.5, Apollo-SL, Matt Ivory and Black, Gold nipples, Firestone tires

19x2.15, Apollo-SL, Semi Gloss Black, Red Pinstripe

19x2.15 and 16x3.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Vivid Black, Gold Twisted Star

19x3.0 and 18x8.5, Apollo, Matt Black, Red Pinstripe

19x3.0 and 18x8.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross-Radial, Fat Spokes, Brushed / Matt Clear

19x3.0, Apollo, 2006 Dyna, Red Baron

19x3.0, Apollo, Matte Black, Candy Black Spoke

19x3 and 17x6.25, Apollo-SL, Olive Pearl and Black, Pinstripe

19x3, Apollo, Chrome Plating

19x3.0, Apollo-SL, Brushed

19x3.0 and 17x6.25, Apollo-SL, White and Black with tires

20x6.25, Apollo-SL, Low profile 200/40-20 tire

20x10, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Brushed with Gold nipples

20x10.5, Apollo-Sl, S-Cross-Radial, Chrome, 360-Brake Hub

21x1.85 Sun and 17x6.2 Apollo, Polished

21x1.85 Sun and 18x8.5 Apollo, Chrome Plating

21x2.15 and 18x10.5, Apollo, Back and Candy Red

21x2.15 and 18x4.25, Apollo, S-Cross, Chrome / Vivid Black

21x2.15 and 18x5.5, Apollo, Black / Brushed / Matt Clearcoat

21x2.15 and 18x5.5, Apollo, Black / Brushed / Matt Clearcoat

21x2.15 and 18x8.5, Apollo-SL, Denim (Matt) Black, Red Pinstripe

21x2.15 and 18x10.5, Apollo, S-Cross-Radial, New Diamond Spokes, Yellow with ArtWork

21x2.15 and 18x10.5, Apollo, S-Cross-Radial Lacing, Matt Black, Brushed Fat Spokes.

21x2.15, Apollo-SL, Vivid Black, Perimeter Brake

21x2.15, Apollo, Mid Glide (2006 Dyna), Red Baron

21x2.15, Apollo, S-Cross, Star-5

21x2.15, Black Chrome

21x2.15, Apollo, White/Black, S-Cross Lacing

21x2.15, Apollo, Matte Black

21x2.15, Apollo, Red Baron

21x2.15, Apollo, Semi Gloss Black/Candy Gold

21x2.15, Twisted Spokes, Chrome Plating

21x2.15, Twisted Spokes, Chrome Plating

21x2.15 and 16x3.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Red Baron, Star-5

21x2.15 Sun and 16x6, Mirror Black/Black Chrome

21x2.15 and 18x5.0, Apollo, Mirror Black, Black Fade Spoke

21x2.15 and 18x5.5, Mirror Black, Black Chrome Spoke

21x2.15 and 18x5.5, Red Baron

21x2.15, Mirror Black/Candy Copper

21x2.15 and 18x5.5, Apollo-SL, Vivid Black, Cooper Nipples

21x2.15 and 18x8.5, Apollo-SL, Candy Red

21x2.15 and 18x10.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross-Radial, Fat Twisted Faded spokes, Candy Orange and Vivid Black

21x2.15, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Vivid Black

21x2.15, Apollo-SL, Vivid Black Candy Red, Fade Spokes

21x2.15 and 18x4.25, Apollo, Red anodizing and Denim Black, No brake front hub

21x2.15 and 18x5.5, Vivid Black / Pewter Denim, Twister Style

21x2.15 and 18x5.5, Apollo-SL, Vivid Black / Candy Red, Fade Spokes

21x2.15, Apollo, Vivid Black, Twisted, Cross-Radial

21x2.15, Semi Gloss Black

21x2.15 and 18x5.5, Vivid Black, Fade Spokes

21x2.15, Apollo-SL, Denim Black

21x2.15 and 18x3.5, Vivid Black, Gold, S-Cross, Star-5

21x2.15, Super Narrow Hub, Apollo-SL, Chrome, Brass plated nipples

21x2.15, 56 spokes, Chrome, 2003 Yamaha Road Star hub

21x2.15, Apollo-SL, Vivid Black

21x2.15 and 16x3.5, 52 Super Fat gold spokes and nipples, Vivid Black

21x2.15 and 16x3.5, Matt Ivory, Denim Black, Brass nipples

21x2.15 and 18x4.25, Apollo-Sl, S-Cross, Vivid Black, Candy Brass, Brass nipples

21x2.15 and 18x4.25, Apollo-Sl, S-Cross-Radial, Fat Twisted faded spokes, Vivid Black, Brass

21x2.15 and 18x5.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Vivid Black and Polished, Orange pinstripe

21x2.15 and 16x3.5, Apollo-SL, Vivid Black / Red Baron, Red pinstripe

21x2.15, Vivid Black and Candy Red, Fat Spokes

21x2.15 and 18x5.5, Apollo-SL, Cross-Radial, Fat and Fat Twisted, Vivid Black

21x2.15, Apollo, Radial, 3/8" Super Fat, Chrome

21x2.15, 56 spokes, Chrome, 1995 Honda Shadow

21x2.15 and 18x3.5, Apollo-SL, Denim and Vivid Black, Gray pinstripe

21x2.15 and 18x4.25, Vivid Black, Red Twister

21x2.15 and 18x5.5, Apollo, Candy Red / Vivid Black

21x2.15, Matt Black

21x3.25, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Star-5, White and Black, 120/70-21 WWW tire

21x3.25, Apollo-SL, S-Cross-Radial, Candy Copper/Vivid Black, Fat Twisted, Fade

21x3.5, Apollo-Sl, S-Cross-Radial, Polished, Candy Copper, Perimeter brakes

21x3.25, Apollo-SL, S-Cross-Radial, Twisted Fade, Black Cherry

21x3.25, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Vivid Black and Copper

21x3.25 and 18x5.5, Apollo-SL, Anthracite Metallic / Matt clear and Denim Black

21x3.25 and 18x4.25, Apollo-SL, Denim / Vivid Black, 5 bullets

21x3.25 and 18x5.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross-Radial, Antique Candy Copper, Purple spokes, Cush-drive

21x3.25 and 18x5.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross-Radial, Antique Candy Orange and Black, Faded spokes

21x3.25 and 18x5.5, Apollo-SL, Brushed with Clear Anodizing, Denim Black

21x3.25 and 18x5.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Denim Black and Copper, 140 and 180 tires

21x3.25, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Black and Copper, Perimeter brake

21x3.25 and 18x4.25, Apollo-SL, S-Cross-Radial, Twisted, Vivid Black

21x3.25, Apollo-SL, Radial, 3/8" Super Fat spokes, Chrome

21x3.25 and 20x7.0, Apollo-SL, Brushed, Beringer Inboard System

21x3.25 and 16x5.5, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Matt Candy Red, Perimeter brake

21x3.25 and 18x8.5, Apollo-SL, Fat spokes, Glacier White

21x3.5 and 18x4.25, Apollo, Black and Polished

21x3.5, Apollo, S-Cross-Radial, Deep Cobalt Blue/Inca Orange,

21x3.0, Chrome, Black Fat Spokes

21x3.5, Apollo, Fat Spoke, Candy Copper

21x3.5, Apollo, Cross-Radial, Vivid Black

21x3.5 and 18x4.25, Red Baron, Vivid Black Spokes

21x3.5, Polished

21x3.5, Radial, 3/8" Super Fat Burple spokes, Chrome

21x3.5 and 18x5.5, Apollo, Candy Gold

21x3.5 and 18x8.5, 52 Super Fat, Radial, Vivid Black, V-Rod

21x3.5, Apollo, S-Cross-Radial, Star-5, Black Pearl

21x3.5 and 18x5, Apollo, Gold Plated Hub and Nipples, Chrome Rim, New Diamond Spokes

21x3.5 and 18x10.5, Steel, Vivid Black, Candy Copper

21x6.25, Apollo-Sl, Matt Candy Red, Denim Black, 5 bullet caps, Perimeter brakes

21x6.25, Apollo-Sl, S-Cross, Matt Candy Red, Denim Black, 5 bullet caps, Perimeter brakes, 200/70-21 tires

21x9, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Brushed, Gold Nipples

23x3.5, Chrome with tire

23x3.5 and 18x5.5, Radial, 3/8" Super Fat spokes, Vivid Black

23x3.5, Steel rim, Vivid Black

23x3.75, Apollo-SL, S-Cross-Radial, Vivid Black, White Wide Pinstripe

23x3.75, Apollo-SL, S-Cross-Radial, Wrinkle Gray Metallic, Perimeter Brakes

23x3.75, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Candy Red, Twister

23x3.75 , Apollo-SL, S-Cross Lacing, Black Nickel/Clear Coat with Tire

23x3.75, Apollo-SL, Spool Hub (No Brake), Chrome Plated

23x3.75, Apollo-SL, Spool hub, Bright Yellow, Double Red pinstripe, Vee Ruber tire

23x3.75 and 18x4.25, Apollo-SL, Black Nickel/Clear Coat

23x3.75 and 20x6.25, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Denim (Matt) Black, Red Pinstripe

23x3.75, Apollo-SL, Chrome, S-Cross-Radial, Star-5, Fat Twisted

23x3.75, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Vivid Black, Candy Gold spokes

23x3.75 and 20x7, Apollo-SL, S-Cross-Radial, Vivid Black, Silver pinstripe, Avon tires

23x3.75, Apollo-SL, S-Cross-Radial, Vivid Black and Bright Green, 5 Black Bullet pattern

23x3.75 and 18x8.5 Deep offset, Apollo-SL, Ivory, Red and Black

23x3.75, Apollo-SL, S-Cross-Radial, Polished and candy Copper, Black nipples

23x3.75, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Denim Black, Red pinstripe

15x4.25, Chrome

15x4.25, Vivid Black, Harley hub

15x4.5 and 21x2.15, Twisted, Chrome

15x4.5 and 15x6, Vivid Black, 180 and 200 tires

15x7, New Diamond, Vivid Black

16x3.0, Aluminum rim, Vivid Black

16x3.0, Harley Profile, Candy Red/Charcoal Gray

16x3.0, Harley Profile, Pearl Black/Mirror Black

16x3.0, Harley Profile, Candy Blue, Silver metallic Fat Twisted spokes, Black nipples

16x3 and 16x3, Red Baron/Vivid Black, Fat Spokes

16x3 and 16x3.5, Apollo-Sl, Matt Black, Red Pinstripe

16x3.0, OEM Harley, Twisted Spokes, Blue

16x3.0 and 16x5.0, Fat spokes, Glacier White and Chrome

16x3.0, Fat Spoke, Vivid Black, Orange Pinstripe, Harley Rim and Hub.

16x3.5, Red Baron

16x3.5, Luxury Teal Rim and Hub, Brilliant Silver Spokes

16x3.5, Vivid Black, Candy Copper

16x3.5, Steel rim, Vivid Black, Copper plated nipples

16x3.5, Firefighter Red

16x3.5, Fat spokes, Matt Candy copper, Vivid Black

16x3.5, Apollo-SL, Blade-48, Fat Twisted, Chrome

16x3.5 and 16x5.5, Apollo-Sl, Red Baron and Denim Black, 40 Spoke pulley

16x3.5, Harley hub, Steel rim, Olive Pearl, Vivid Black

16x3.5, Apollo, Red Baron / Vivid Black

16x6, Chrome and Midnight Blue, 36 spokes, 140/70-16 tire

17x3.5, Aluminum rim, Chrome

17x3.5 and 17x6.0, Denim Black and Candy Gold, Victory

17x3.5, Apollo-Sl, Blade-48, Fat spokes, Denim and Vivid Black

17x3.5, Apollo-Sl, Denim Black

17x3.5 and 16x5.5, Apollo-SL, Red Baron, Black nipples, WWW tires

17x3.5 and 17x6.25, Apollo-SL, Fat spokes, Denim Black

17x6.0, Profile rim, Chrome

17x6.0, Chrome

17x6, Vivid Black, Candy Copper, 200/55-17 Dunlop with custom White Wall

17x6.25, Apollo-Sl, S-Cross, Semi Gloss Black

17x6.0, Denim Black, Brass plating

17x6.25, Apollo-Sl, Blade-48, Fat spokes, Denim and Vivid Black, 200/50-17 Avon tire

18x3.5 and 18x4.25, Excel Rim, Vivid Black/Chrome Plating

18x3.5, Firefighter Red, Sun Rim

18x3.5 and 17x5.5, Apollo, Navy Gray

16x3.5 and 18x4.25, Excel Rim, Chrome/Vivid Black

18x3.5 and 18x5.0, Apollo, Polished

18x3.5 and 16x5, Red Baron, 120-18 and 180-16 WWW tires

18x3.5, Semi Gloss Black, Brass pinstripe

18x3.5 and 18x4.25, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Ivory, Black, Gold nipples, Luchier and BMW hubs

18x3.5 and 18x4.25, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Denim Black

18x3.5, Vivid Black, Fat Spoke

18x3.5 and 16x3.5, Black and Chrome, Twisted Spokes

18x4.25, Firefighter Red, Sun Rim

18x5.5, Steel rim, Orange and Black, 180 WWW tire

18x6.5, Steel rim, Denim Black, 200 tire

18x8.5, Apollo-SL, Semi Gloss Black

18x8.5, Apollo, Vivid Black, Twisted Spoke

19x2.15 and 18x5.5, Apollo-Sl, Brushed, Hub for Beringer inboard system

19x2.15, Apollo-Sl, S-Cross, Vivid Black

19x2.15, Apollo, Vivid Black

19x2.15, Excel Rim, Polished

19x2.15, Steel, 36 and 40 spokes, Black and Chrome, Gnome and Rhone 1937

19x2.15, Apollo-SL, Blate-48, Fat Twisted, Chrome, Spool hub

19x2.15 and 17x3.5, Apollo-SL, Black and Chrome-Matt Clear, Yellow pinstripe

19x2.15 and 18x3.5, Apollo-SL, Semi Gloss Black, 1974 Kawasaki H2 750

19x2.5 and 16x3.0, Harley, Dark Denim Red

19x2.75 and 18x2.75, Sun rims, Blade-48 lacing, Brushed, Black nipples, Perimeter brakes

19x3 and 18x5.5, Apollo-SL, Brushed-Matt Clear and Black, Beringer brake

19x3 and 18x5.5, Apollo-SL, Brushed-Black Anodizing, Brushed-Matt Clear, Beringer brake

19x3.0, Profile (Harley) rim, Semi Gloss Black

21x2.15, Matt Black, Blade-48

21x2.15 and 18x5.5, Apollo, Deep Cobalt Blue

21x2.15, Apollo-Sl, S-Cross, Semi Gloss Black

21x2.15, Apollo, Spool (No Brake) Hub, Black Nickel/Clear Coat

21x2.15, Apollo, Old Diamond Spokes, Semi Gloss Black

21x2.15, Harley Standard, Vivid Black/Candy Copper

21x2.15, Excel Rim, Red Baron

21x2.15 and 17x6.25, Apollo, Black Nickel/Clear Coat, Candy Cooper

21x2.15 and 21x3.0, Ivory

21x2.15, Apollo-SL, Lava Red, Vivid Black

21x2.15 and 18x4.25, Apollo-SL, Vivid Black, Candy Red Spokes

21x2.15, Apollo-SL, Sierra Red and Vivid Black

21x2.15 and 18x5.5, Excel Rim, Candy Red/Black Chrome, Fade Spokes

21x2.15 and 17x6.25, Apollo-SL, Brushed/Anodized

21x2.15, Excel aluminum, Vivid Black, Tortoise Shell spokes, Brass nipples

21x2.15 and 17x6.25, Apollo-Sl, S-Cross, Black Nickel

21x2.15 and 18x5.5, Excel aluminum rim, Candy Black, Ripple spokes

21x2.15 and 18x5.5, Apollo-Sl, Denim Black and Candy Brown

21x2.15 and 19x3.0, Apollo-SL, Brushed with clear and Vivid Black

21x2.15 and 21x3.25, Apollo-SL, Brushed and Copper, Perimeter Brake

21x2.15 and 18x5.5, Apollo-SL, Denim Black, Red pinstripe

21x2.15 and 16x3.0, Denim Black and Brass plating, Brass pinstripe

21x2.15 and 18x4.25, Apollo-SL, Matt White Metallic, Vivid Black, 90 and 160 tire

21x3.25, Apollo-Sl, 36 Spokes, Denim Black

21x3.25 and 18x4.25, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Vivid Black, Copper plated nipples

21x3.25 and 18x4.25, Apollo-SL, New Diamond Spokes, Chrome

21x3.25 and 18x4.25, Apollo-SL, Blade-48, Chrome, Candy Copper, Gold plating

21x3.25 and 18x4.25, Apollo-SL, S-Cross, Vivid Black, Copper nipples, 120 and 150 tires

21x3.25 and 20x7, Apollo-SL, Brushed with matt clear, Black spokes

21x3.5 and 17x5.5, Apollo, Blade-48, Vivid Black, Blue spokes and 5 bullet caps, OEM hubs

21x3.5 and 18x3.5, Rusted with clear coat steel rim, Polished hub

21x3.5 and 21x3.5, Apollo, Vivid Black and Candy Gold

21x3.5, Apollo, Chrome

23x3.75, Apollo-Sl, 36 Spokes, Brushed/Black

23x3.75, Apollo-Sl, Vivid Black, / Polished

23x3.75, Apollo-SL, Semi gloss Black, Red pinstripe

23x3.75, Apollo-Sl, 36 Spokes, Brushed/Deep Cobalt Blue

23x3.75 and 20x7, Apollo-SL, Dark Denim Red, Brass plated spokes, Black nipples, Beringer hubs